Properties of hydrogen cyanate:

It is colorless low boiling liquid, slightly heavier than water. It is readily soluble in water. Slowly decomposes in a dilute solution by heating (fast - in the presence of strong acids). Shows properties of weakly acid, it is neutralized by alkalis.

Molar mass g/mol 43.03
Density g/cm3 1.14
Melting point °C -80
Boiling point °C 23.6

Methods for preparation of hydrogen cyanate:

HCN + H2O + Cl2 = HOCN + 2HCl (catalyst Al2O3).

Chemical reactions with hydrogen cyanate:

HOCN(diluted) + H2O(cold) = OCN(-) + H3O(+).

HOCN(diluted) + H2O(hot) = NH3↑ + CO2↑ [impurity C(NH2)2O].

HOCN(diluted) + H2O + HCl(diluted) = NH4Cl + CO2↑.

HOCN + NaOH(diluted) = NaOCN + H2O.

HOCN + NH3 • H2O(conc.) = C(NH2)2O + H2O.


Did you know?

Isotopes are atoms with the same atomic number, but different atomic masses (different number neutrons.)