Properties of thallium (I) carbonate:

White, melts without decomposition, at subsequent heating decomposes. Soluble in water (strong hydrolysis on anion). Does not form crystalline hydrates. Does not react with alkalis, ammonium hydroxide. Decomposed by acids. It absorbs CO2 from the air.

Molar mass g/mol 468.77
Density g/cm3 7.11
Melting point °C 272

Methods for preparation of thallium (I) carbonate:

TlOH(diluted) + CO2 = TlHCO3↓,

2TlOH + CO2 = Tl2CO3↓ + H2O (ethanol).

Chemical reactions with thallium (I) carbonate:

Tl2CO3 = Tl2O + CO2 (300-600° C).

Tl2CO3(diluted) + (2n)H2O = 2[Tl(H2O)(n)](+) + CO3(2-),

CO(2-)3 + H2O = HCO(-)3 + OH(-).

Tl2CO3 + 2HCl(diluted) = 2TlCl↓ + H2O + CO2↑.

Tl2CO3(diluted) + H2O + CO2 = 2TlHCO3↓.


Did you know?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element. About 75% of the elemental mass of the universe is hydrogen.