Properties of Radium:

Alkaline earth metal. White, shiny, soft. Radioactive, the most long-lived isotope is Ra-226. The high reactivity. In the air is covered with a dark oxide-nitride film. Colors the flame of a gas burner in dark red color. A strong reducing agent. Reacts with water, acids, chlorine, sulfur. Milligram quantities of radium is isolated in the processing of uranium ore in the form of RaCl2. Produced by electrolysis of solution RaCl2 on a mercury cathode.

Molar mass g/mol 226.025
Density g/cm3 6.0
Melting point °C 969
Boiling point °C 1536

Сhemical reactions with metal Radium:

Ra + 2H2O = Ra(OH)2 + H2↑.

Ra + 2HCl(diluted) = RaCl2 + H2↑.

Ra + H2SO4 = RaSO4↓ + H2↑.

4Ra + 10HNO3(diluted) = 4Ra(NO3)2 + N2O + 5H2O.

2Ra + O2 = 2RaO (100°C, burning on air).

Ra + Cl2 = RaCl2 (normal temp.).

3Ra + N2 = Ra3N2 (100°C, burning on air).

Ra + S = RaS (150°C).

Ra + 2H2O + Na2CO3 = RaCO3↓ + H2↑ + 2NaOH.


Did you know?

Group 1 metals are known as alkali metals.