Properties of Sodium amide NaNH2:

Sodamide. White. Melts without decomposition, sublimes readily, on further heating decomposes. Oxidized in air, and turn yellow (the products are unknown). Poorly soluble in liquid ammonia. Completely hydrolyzed in water, reacts with acids.

Obtaining sodium amide:

2Na + 2 NH3 (gas) = 2NaNH2 + H2 (350°C).

NaH + NH3 (gas) = NaNH2 + H2 (350°C).

NaN3 + H2 = NaNH2 + N2 (200°C, impurity NH3, catalyst Pt).

Reactions with sodium amide:

6 NaNH2 = 6Na + 4NH3 + N2 (500-600°C).

NaNH2 + 2H2O(cold) = NaOH + NH3-H2O

NaNH2 + H2O(hot) = NaOH + NH3↑.

NaNH2 + 2HСl (diluted) = NaCl + NH4Cl.

NaNH2 + 2 HNO3 = NaN3 + NaNO3 + 3H2O (boiling).

NaNH2 + C (coke) = NaCN + H2 (500-600°C).

NaNH2 + NH4Cl = 2NH3 + NaCl (at -40°C, in the liquid NH3).


Did you know?

If you slowly pour a handful of salt into a completely full glass of water, it will not overflow. In fact, the water level will go down.