Properties of cesium oxide Cs2O:

Orange-red, when heated becomes first dark red, and then black. Volatiles in vacuo. Sensitive to light (darkens and decomposes).Stable in a clean, dry air. Shows basic properties, vigorously reacts with water (is formed strongly alkaline solution), acids, acidic oxides, liquid ammonia.


Obtaining cesium oxide Cs2O:

Cs + O2(air) = CsO2 (combustion),

4 Cs + O2 = 2 Cs2O (in the cold),

Cs →(O2) Cs2O2↓ →(O2), (time) CsO2↓ (-50° C, in the liquid NH3).


Сhemical reactions with cesium oxide Cs2O:

2 Cs2O = Cs2O2 + 2 Cs (300–500°C).

Cs2O + H2O = 2 CsOH.

Cs2O + 2 HCl(diluted) = 2 CsCl + H2O.

Cs2O + CO2(humid) = Cs2CO3,

Cs2O + H2O + CO2 = 2 CsHCO3 (normal temp.).

Cs2O + NH3(liquid) → (time) CsNH2↓ + CsOH (−50°C).



Did you know?

Halogens are the only group of elements that show all phases of matter at room temperature.